Israel invades Gaza

Here we go again. This is such a mess. The Palestinians find Israeli behavior intolerable. So Hamas fire rockets into Israel. Not because they think they can defeat or even seriously injure Israel but because they are hoping that Israel will over-react and turn the Palestinians in Gaza away from Israel. There are other more extreme groups in Gaza who would like to take over from Hamas and have been promising a more hard line against Israel. Egypt (who really does not like Hamas) has been destroying smuggling tunnels in the Sinai that bring goods into Gaza. Now Israel is targeting the Hamas leadership and the tunnels that Hamas uses to smuggle rockets into Gaza. Hamas is playing a dangerous game. They are being squeezed from several sides and they are desperate.

Malaysian airliner crash in Ukraine

Looks like the insurgents in Eastern Ukraine have used a Russian missile to shoot down a Malaysian airliner and kill 294 civilians.  This happens one day after Obama reveals new sanctions against Russia in order to get them to stop supporting the insurgents in Ukraine. Is this a coincidence? I think not.

Welcome to the Nexilist’s Notebook

I started this blog several years ago because a friend (with a server) said “You always have the interesting factoids to share. Why don’t you write a blog?” I decided that that was a good idea so I had to come up with a name. I have always (since at least 10 years old) been interested in understanding how everything connects. A name that came to mind was “nexilist”, derived from an old A.E.VanVogt novel about an interdisciplinary expert on a spaceship full of specialists. I’ll try to be brief, interesting, eclectic¬†and esoteric.

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